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Nude recreation offers women a great opportunity for fun and friendship.  Women should visit a nudist resort or club and see what a unique experience it is.  Whether as a single, member of a couple, or part of a group, you are always welcome.  No one stares, makes comments, or makes you feel uncomfortable.  Nudists understand respect.

Here are the top 10 reasons for visiting a nudist club or resort:

10. De-Stressor.  Everything is laid back.  You can’t help but relax.  You can also get an awesome tan -- with no tan lines!

9.    Simple Pleasures.  You get to feel the wind touch your skin and blow through your hair.  You get to swim nude, feeling unencumbered, totally natural.  Your body feels free, because it is.

8.    You Get to be You!  People do not judge you for your possessions, your occupation, your education, or your body type.  Nudists observe your character, kindness, and how much fun you are.

7.    Bargain. Compared to most athletic or private clubs, the cost of a membership at a nudist resort is very reasonable.

6.     Location.  You will almost always be in a beautiful, peaceful location.  Nudists resorts are generally off the beaten path and in the midst of nature.

5.     Inclusive.  You will have the opportunity to join in conversations, sports, games, and more!  Or, you can read a book and relax.  People are friendly, but not pushy.

4.     Community.  Nudists make good friends and neighbors.  We have potlucks, celebrate birthdays, loan out tools, and say “hello” to everyone.  It feels like a family, and if you are lacking one, you can have one there.

3.    Activities.  Are you athletic or open to trying new things?  There are a variety of activities at nudist resorts, such as:  volleyball, karaoke, hiking, swimming, tennis, shuffleboard, ping pong, horseshoes, petanque, and more!  There is something for everyone, even if you’re not athletic - card games, dominoes, telling jokes around a campfire, etc..

2.    Positive Self Concept. Nudists will like you for who you are.

1.    Friends.  You will meet the most wonderful people through nudism.  They will make you laugh and help you enjoy life.  You will meet and make friends you will want to keep for a lifetime!

Visit a nudist resort or club to enjoy all of these things.  You’ll wonder why you waited so long!

From an Article by Marilyn Mill  

AANR Bulletin, August 2008  

A Women’s Perspective

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