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Mission: The acceptance of social nudism and nude recreation in this region

    Feb 13, 2019  

I have just returned from the annual AANR midwinter meeting which was held at Lake Como in Florida. I must first say what a great place Lake Como is, and it was a real treat that they brought in such nice weather for the meeting! The facilities are much bigger than I imagined they would be and the staff there is glad to have you there. But before this runs away in to an ad for Lake Como, let me move on to the President’s Report.

There were two days of meetings, presentations and reports. Some of the highlights were Erich Schuttaf’s report on Government Affairs which detailed some wins the region made in the fight for nudists including one that has been a 25-year work in progress as well as the Florida Tourism website having an entire page dedicated to nude beaches in Florida!

The AANR folks in the Public Relations department have really been doing a great job. There were Press Releases for various events that can geared toward students, or for a particular event. There was also a list of folks who are in different fields of the media who could be a good contact for an article.

We spent the better part of a morning discussing the ideas for a better Mission and Vision Statement for AANR. Some real progress was made on pairing down the essential message we want to get across.

Another hot topic was the desire to go to a single membership per person rather than multiple ‘tiers’ of membership. AANR is also going to a new membership database program which should make their process far easier than it is now for clubs to process memberships.

One of the biggest things mentioned at the meeting was the fact that due to circumstances, the AANR lost about $150,000 of income due to low memberships as well as low returns on investments. Ideas on how to help stop the loss of monies were discussed though nothing was set in stone.

There were also a number of less volatile things discussed, one of which is the Hall of Fame Award which is the highest honor the AANR can bestow. But like all awards, it takes someone to make a nomination. The Hall of Fame award nomination form can be found in the Official Forms which is downloadable from the Club Login portion of the website.

I look forward to the summer convention both for AANR and AANR-SW! I hope to see you there!

Stay Naked!

Mitch London

President’s Message