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American Association for Nude Recreation

Southwest Region

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Mission: The acceptance of social nudism and nude recreation in this region

    Oct. 3, 2018  

Howdy Friends!

Fall is officially here! But that does not mean nudists go running for covers; we still enjoy our time in the sun even though it may be limited. Resorts are still open and club activities are still happening. Heck, we still have a 5K race to run at Star Ranch on October 13th (so you better sign up quick!).

As President one of my duties is to talk with prospective clubs in our region that wish to join AANR. I had just that pleasure in talking with the folks at True Bares Travel Club in Louisiana. I hope they make a fine addition to our region!

As we get closer to the new year we will begin preparations for our annual Midwinter meeting which this year will be at Star Ranch in McDade, TX. The official notification will be going out next month. This of course is out budgetary meeting where we will be working on the finances for the new year. This is a very important meeting and is open to our regular members to watch and hopefully gain a higher respect for the hard work our board does.

The regions twitter account has upwards of three hundred followers now including international clubs and resorts. Our presence on Facebook is harder to track, but we try to put out information about events at our clubs and resorts, so if you have some info about an event your club is having feel free to send it.

Stay naked!

Mitch London

President’s Message