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Mission: The acceptance of social nudism and nude recreation in this region

      8/28/17      I talked today with the owners for Emerald Lake and Natural Horisun. Emerald Lake got about an inch of water in the office and lost all the sand from the beach, but all the people are safe. They indicated that the replacement of the sand may involve more than the building cleanup. Everyone at Natural Horisun is safe. It continues to rain there but so far they will have a lot of clean up but no major damage.


      I never know what might gain a reaction. To my quip regarding philosophical musing about “No one is interested in nothing,” Tomas Parker responded, “On the philosophical front, what seemed to be grammatically incorrect turns out to be an existential question for Sartre” with reference to ON BEING AND NOTHINGNESS.

     I was also thinking about the Philosophical School of Nihilism and the mathematical concept of zero. In about 300 BC (or BCE) Euclid wrote THE ELEMENTS OF GEOMETRY, which is basically what most of us learned in our high school class. (In the last decade or so there has been a move to change geometry from deductive reasoning to inductive.) In 830 AD (or CE) a Persian, whose name I ain’t gonna try to spell, wrote the first Algebra book in Arabic. That’s 1130 years! Why so long and what was the holdup? The holdup was the invention of a symbol for zero, without which you can’t do sa lot of algebra. It also helped to have the Arabic numerals we now use instead of things like Roman numerals or the base 60 system of the Mesopotamians. So, once again, let’s hear it for nothing.

     Part of this is to show those people over at The Naturist Society than they’re not the only nudists who can do a bit of philosophy. I refer to Mark Storey’s great article on Nietzsche and Nudism in the last N magazine, which I encourage all to read. By the way Mark is a real philosopher and teacher of college philosophy classes, while I took 3 or 4 classes in college and some classes in theological seminary which could qualify as being philosophical.

     Last thoughts on Convention, maybe. If you haven’t seen OLT, put it on your travel list. It’s the Cadillac of resorts in Southwest, and of the 5 international conventions I’ve been to, OLT puts on the best. One of the hosts clubs for AANR Convention pretty much just provided a room and let us participate in their regular activities. The others had some extra activities, but not to the extent as OLT.  And they’ve had an amazing building program over the last 5 – 6 years: new duplexes, new pool, fabulous new clubhouse. Much of this is due of Rick Lorenz, a retired contractor who designs and directs the building. When asked Saturday what was next, he said some more duplexes. When asked if they’d be like the most recent, he said no they’d be much better. I can’t wait to see them.     


Ted Peck

President’s Message