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Mission: The acceptance of social nudism and nude recreation in this region

      March 13, 2017

I attended the AANR Mid-winter Board meeting in Florida. Brenda and Gary were there as photographer and AANR Education Foundation. Slim was there as our region’s representative (Member Trustee) with Lucy. If you didn’t receive it, his more official report is one the AANR-SW website. I’m sharing some unofficial reflections. One of the highlights was a field trip to the AANR office in Kissimmee, a rather short drive from Cypress Cove. I had never been to the office before, though I had seen pictures. It looked like a pretty dreadful place to work. About 3 years ago there was much discussion about whether to unload the building and buy or lease elsewhere. The decision was finally made to renovate the building, and I think the results are great even though the remodeling is not completely finished. The ribbon cutting was pushed up to coincide with the midwinter meeting. I was impressed that several people from the Chamber of Commerce were there along with several media people and a representative of the sheriff’s department.

I thought the most significant discussion and action involved how membership is handled. We presently have many levels of memberships and a really tedious method of enrolling and re-enrolling members. The adhoc committee on membership issues, which includes Slim, had some innovative proposals. Slim shared some of this with the club owners at the AANR-SW Midwinter meeting. The committee proposed pretty much having one basic membership. AANR presently has: 1) basic single membership and basic couples membership through a club (at different rates); 2) basic single and couples associate membership (two more different rates); 3) young adult membership; 4) student membership; 5) premier membership; 6) life membership; 7) elite life membership; 8) national membership; 9) legacy membership; and I may have missed some. For members in most categories there is no possibility of automatic renewal. The committee is considering or proposing that the categories be reduced, that enrollment be greatly simplified, that members would have the option of automatic renewal with their credit card, that clubs receive a $10 rebate for each membership enrollment or renewal. The committee is also proposing totally revamping the computer system by which individuals or clubs enroll members. (I enroll members for my club and if my bank had a computer program like AANR’s, I’d get another bank.) Everything I have mentioned could already be done by the AANR board or the AANR office, except where it involves a change in AANR dues. Dues are in the By-laws and must be voted on by the members with a ballot mailed to the members (at a cost of about $8000). In how many national organizations do members vote on dues? I don’t even vote on my San Antonio Zoo dues. So you will receive a ballot in May or June, probably in the Bulletin, asking you to vote on a change to the By-laws, namely that dues be determined by the AANR staff with approval of the board. Slim and I will be voting yes.


Ted Peck

Additional Letter as of

March 22, 2017

I received the following great email about my letter of 3-13-17:

“ I received the front page of your letter about dues.  Sounds like a plan, no mention of what the new categories might be and possible $$$ amounts.  Before I can intelligently decide my vote, I would like more information.”

My response:

“First of all, you're not being cheated--there was only a front page.

Slim's letter, which is posted on the AANR-SW website, has information about what's being considered for a new AANR dues structure. In my letter I didn't repeat what he'd already written. When the ballot comes out, all we will be voting on is a change in the By-laws to allow the AANR Board of Trustees with suggestions from the AANR staff to make changes to the dues. At present any change in the dues requires a vote by the membership. At the regional level we can do that at our annual convention. At the AANR level such changes require that a ballot be sent to each AANR member, who can then vote by mailing the ballot or going on line. Moreover a disinterested third party must be hired to directly receive and tabulate these ballots. (Until this process began, I didn't realize there are lots of commercial enterprises that exist just to conduct corporate votes.) I have belonged to lots of organizations to which I pay dues. Of those only two must have a vote of membership in determining dues, AANR and AANR-SW.”

Good news about Pondarosa: There had been uncertainty about Pondarosa’s future after Rita died. Cindy’s sister Brenda along with husband Jimmy have bought out Cindy and they are now running the place, along with still running their business at Texarkana. The office has been remodeled. The part that was a residence is now the office and what was the office is becoming a massage room for Jeff. With a front and back door he can serve both nudist and non-nudist clients. I didn’t have time when I visited this past Saturday, but I’ve had a couple of great massages from him. The inside of the clubhouse and the bathhouse/laundry look new. And as a compromise between smokers and non-smokers, Jimmy installed a large vent over several of the tables. Jimmy reports the non-smokers are pleased with this addition. They are having live music with at least some of their dances, including “a $2000 band.” So, if you are in the Canton area, or passing through, or going to the world’s largest flea market, I encourage you to visit Pondarosa. There were already some nice rental cabins there.

President’s Message