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Southwest Region

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Mission: The acceptance of social nudism and nude recreation in this region

    Nov. 4, 2018  

Howdy all!

The past month for many of us has been a damp one with lots of rain and heavy winds and now cooler temperatures are following in that path. That just means lots of nudist activities move indoors. Hopefully that will also mean some folks from up North will drop down to our ‘warmer’ climate and visit some resorts.

Looking at our membership numbers lately, they have been down, largely in part because of one of our clubs leaving AANR and another club whose members have not renewed. Luckily we have the bright prospects of two provisional clubs that we hope will bring in an influx of new folks. They are North Texas Christian Naturists and True Bare Travel Club in Louisiana. I have high hope for 2019 and 2020 being banner years for membership thanks in part to at least one travel and adventure show where we will be showing off the organization to thousands of potential members. More on that down the road.

Congrats go out to Oaklake Trails and their Fall Art Festival. I think this could be a great way for other clubs to introduce people to nudism. Getting vendors together and body painters and games and such could draw in some fresh members. Another idea that has been done is chili cook-offs. The Chili Appreciation Society International (CASI) has held a couple chili cook offs at nudist venues in the past. Kind of like car shows, if you give them a place to hold an event, they do not mind it being at a nudist resort. Besides, a good bowl of hot chili will help keep you warm in the winter time!

I look forward to seeing you all at the next board meeting in January!

Stay Naked!

Mitch London

President’s Message