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Southwest Region

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Mission: The acceptance of social nudism and nude recreation in this region

  Feb. 18, 2020  

Howdy Folks!


Normally at this time I would be saying, ‘the temperatures are going to be rising soon, and we will be able to get some outdoor nude time, but the weather has just been all over the place. Sleet one day, 70 degrees the next two, rain followed by threat of flood in areas. Whatever weather you are getting, I hope you are all safe.


But seeing as it is technically winter still, we were able to get in both our region and national midwinter meetings. At our regional meeting we approved our budget for 2020. This allows us to work on membership drives, fund prizes for our Nude 5K Running series which starts soon and more. This summer the convention at Oaklake Trails will have food, games and of course our meeting which we will be looking to fill some positions on the board. We also will have some items for our members to vote on so if you are an AANR member, we hope you will take time to come to the meeting and make your voice heard and make your vote count!


This year the International AANR Convention is right in our region at Star Ranch August 10 – 15. The weather is usually pretty warm, so the pool will be a popular place! But the games will also be just as fun, and the food is always tasty. There will also be a meeting that all AANR members are welcome to attend. I hope to see you at the conventions!

Stay Naked!

Mitch London, AANR-SW President

President’s Message