AANR-SW Volunteers

2230 Jamara Lane
Houston, TX 77077

American Association for Nude Recreation 
Southwestern Region 

AANR-SW benefits from volunteer leaders who work tirelessly with no pay, and often with very little recognition.   The Association would not exist without the dedication of these volunteers!

President -
Ted Peck, Armadillo (2016)
Vice President - Edy Moss, Bluebonnet (2016)
Secretary / Treasurer - Sandy Truxillo, Star Ranch (2015)
Recording Secretary - Denny Ringhiser, Associate & Sunbirds (2015)

Board of Directors
Jana Becthold, Associate (2017)
Steve Engelhardt, Bluebonnet (2017)
Mitch London, Hill Country Nudists (2016)
Wayne Kircher, Healthy Hides of Houston (2016)
Roger Musgrove, Armadillo (2015)
John Barrow, Associate (2015)

AANR Member Trustee
Linda Otero,  Bluebonnet

AANR Club Trustee
Brenda Spangler, Oaklake Trails

Committee Chairs
Associates -
John Barrow, Associate
Convention & Facilities - Jana Becthold, Associate
Credentials - Brenda Spangler, Oaklake Trails
Finance - Wayne Kircher, Healthy Hides of Houston
Governmental Affairs - Bob Morton, Associate
Internal Administration - Mitch London, Hill Country Nudists
Legislation - Lucy Heide, Emerald Lakes
Membership - Denny Ringhiser, Associate & Sunbirds
Nominations - Vacant

Public Relations and Marketing - Mitch London, Hill Country Nudists
Resort and Club Management - Edy Moss, Bluebonnet
Scholarships - Sandy Truxillo, Star Ranch
Women in Nude Recreation - Jeannie Diehl, Associate
Youth Chair - Roger Musgrove, Armadillo

Club Delegates
Bluebonnet - Dan Lange
Chaparral B&B
- Pat Allen
Healthy Hides of Houston - Vern Elmore
Hill Country Nudists - Mitch London
Natures Resort - Misty Katz
Oaklake Trails - Brenda Spangler
Sandpipers Resort - Karen Willis
Star Ranch - Rodney McClanahan
Wildwood Naturist’s Resort - Connie Taylor

Nude Racing Series -
Steve Engelhardt, Bluebonnet
Nude Racing Series Webmaster - Murry Conarroe, Wildwood
Webmaster -
Wayne Kircher, Healthy Hides of Houston 

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