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Linda OteroPresident’s Report – Mid-Winter 2014


The purpose of AANR-SW is to protect, publicize, and promote the practice of social nudism in a wholesome, family environment, and at resorts and clubs chartered by the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) and at such other places where social nudism is legal under all city, state, and federal laws.

To promote family nudism through education, and give service and advice to newly formed social clubs and groups and others who are planning to start such a club, to give assistance to affiliated parks and other such places legalized to practice nudism. 


To advocate nudity and nude recreation in appropriate settings, while educating and informing society of their value and enjoyment.

Membership in AANR matters because:    

  • AANR helps increase interest and acceptance of nude recreation through public education and legal protection activities.
  • AANR professionals and volunteers advocate for nude recreation with regular visits to the U.S. Congress and state legislatures to educate lawmakers and staff about nudist concerns.
  • AANR has become a respected and popular presence at the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) and with the National Recreation and Parks Association.
  • AANR works to protect traditional skinny-dipping spots, nude beaches, and public lands.
  • AANR volunteers are good stewards of the environment, helping clean up beaches, highways, state parks and other public lands.
  • AANR's public relations firm has helped the association become a major media presence and has been featured in The New York Times, Time magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Fox News, USA Today and many other media outlets.
  • AANR helps facilitate connection with other nudists and those interested in nude recreation through social media such as Facebook, Twitter, a monthly e-mail newsletter, The Alltogether blog at, and more
  • AANR sponsors activities, such as the AANR World Record Skinny-Dip, that help increase public awareness and are just plain fun.

These statements were copied from the National and Regional websites. I ask you to read them and reflect as to how you have been a part of these statements. I recently felt that my term and performance has been questioned. What has Linda done to increase membership? When I took this office I did not know that it was a singular duty of which I was to perform solely. I assumed that individuals and owners were working together for a common outcome- the protection and promotion of social nudism. I was accused of not working with my constituents and club owners, in fact personally plotting towards destruction and/or retaliation.

I recognize that change is difficult but it is inevitable. Nothing ever stays the same. So, how do we grow with the times? In the years that I have attended regional and now national meetings the question is always the same. Where are the masses to keep us going? We try activities-Skinny Dips, 5-K’s, bike rallies and conventions. We survey the data and the numbers stay basically the same or decline with barely any increase. Our region continues to have membership decline. I hope all of you take the time to review Sandy Truxillo’s membership reports.

I created a committee at the 2013 convention to review the proposed changes submitted by Dale Felton for our regional organization. I am sorry to say that communication has stopped, attempts to encourage committee members to review the documents and material and discuss within our committee have not been successful. The question remains. Our data shows our membership is decreasing. Do we go on with a convention that has dwindled to three clubs within our region? (Armadillo, Oak Lake Trails and Star Ranch) Does anyone know how much money it costs to organize a convention and how much our region pays for it? Or, how much money our region pays for award towels? If we are going to the same clubs isn’t it safe to say we are promoting only the same areas? Having the convention at the same locations does not promote all the areas of our region. Moving to a meeting style format will not only save the organization money but it will also allow for areas that are often not easily accessed. In theory it would allow for areas to have participation in legislation first hand. Is it not a better way to be stewards of the funds?

Speaking of funds, Government Affairs Chair Bob Morton does an excellent job of keeping us informed about legislation but he also has always said that there may be a time when we need a lobbyist or to take legal action and that will cost money and not just a few thousand but several thousand. Wouldn’t it be prudent to lean up for the unforeseen? If our income is less, then we need to spend less.

Youth is a premium within our organization. A few folks in the North Texas area created a club called YNOTU. Edy and Lourdes Moss of Bluebonnet as well as funds from the president’s discretionary fund helped pay the expenses for three people to attend the Young Nudist Leader’s Summit in Florida last fall.  It was not easy for me to allocate the funds for this as I was presented with opposition. It has become a common practice within our organization that when new ideas for activities that require money or greater commitment are expressed, it is difficult to acquire endorsement. I witness opposition especially when someone feels that their former idea was not sponsored or endorsed and they are now reluctant or adamant to NOT support the new idea. Hurt feelings perpetuate lack of growth. I have a copy of YNOTU’s report to share.

I can’t imagine anyone not knowing the issues within our national organization. Our President, Susan Weaver, truly believes that the reorganization of the board is what needs to be done. Many of us have read over the correspondence within the planning committee. The questions Why and How is this reorganization of the board going to increase membership remains unanswered. Lucy has spent many, many hours supporting the planning committee. I encourage all of you to read or reread her trustee reports.

This coming 2014 convention at Armadillo will require us to vote again for President and termed board members, as well as 2015 convention. At our 2013 convention, David (Slim) Heide stepped down to allow for new blood so to speak. Wayne Kircher, Mitch London, Denny Ringhiser have all come on board as new board members. I thank them for their service and dedication and especially thank Slim for giving his support of these new leaders.

I have been asked if I would accept nomination to serve another term, which would be my last. Yes, I would accept the nomination. This is a volunteer position. I have not received payment for my time to attend to meetings and maintenance of the organization (yes, I do receive reimbursement for some travel and lodging expenses, but I am not reimbursed for my unpaid time away from my job). I have received gratitude and appreciation for ethically supporting my fiduciary responsibilities.  Sitting at a nudist resort on a hard chair for two days listening to reports for our national organization is difficult. And when evening comes sitting in another informal meeting about the goings on is not a lot of fun, either, but it is a commitment to the organization – a commitment that AANR has value, and I will give up my income from my paying job to support it.

We need ideas for keeping us together and for promoting our organization. I hope you will bring those ideas to the Midwinter Board Meeting at Emerald Lake Resort on January 25.

One final note: This will be Armadillo’s third convention. If the theory is- holding a convention increases or maintains a club’s membership count as one of the perks of the work then why was there an issue. Please do not sit on the sidelines in regards to changing the format of the convention meetings it’s time for change.


Linda Otero

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