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President's letter for October, 2014

Ted Peck

Iím a little late this month with my communications. I cracked a rib and then had foot surgery, and these have affected my schedule in all areas.

Anyway, the AANR-SW Nude Racing Series (the only such series in the whole world as far as we know) concluded its 2014 season Sept 27. Thanks to Steve for all his hard work on the series, and thanks to Murry for keeping active with the series with the chip timing, which makes us look pretty professional, and with keeping up the AANR-SW Racing series website.

I crunched numbers and midwinter board meeting will be at Bluebonnet. Iíll send out a draft of an agenda in a couple of weeks. Thanks to the other clubs who expressed interest and/or submitted a bid.

A continuation of the report on the AANR summer meeting: There has been a little noise about the possibility of changing the name of AANR. Though some folks at the meeting didnít get it, some of the members from Canada and Mexico arenít really keen on belonging to an organization with the name ďAmericaĒ in it. When we had the change of names for the regions a few years ago, one of the regions put in their by-laws that if the national changes its name again the region would automatically change its name without yet another by-law change. That might be a good idea for us next time we do a bunch of by-law changes.


Ted Peck

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