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President's letter for July, 2014

Ted Peck

I have been receiving both congratulations and condolences on my selection as President of AANR-SW. The congratulations and condolences are both appreciated.

First of all thanks to Fluffy Felton for her years as region webmaster, and thanks to Dale Felton for his years as region legislative chair. Kudos to Wayne for getting moving so quickly and skillfully as our new webmaster. Lucy Heide will become the new legislative chair August 18 when her term representing the region at the national level will end. At that time Lucy, Denny, and I will be communicating about doing some clean up on the by-laws, picking up on the great work already accomplished by Dale. In the meantime Denny is going through the minutes since 2011 to make sure the version of the by-laws on the website is up to date.

Finally, thanks to all who did so much work on the Regional Convention at Armadillo, especially to Creek Mary Howard, the Convention Chair, who was hospitalized early in the convention week. My thanks to her for this and other conventions and for all the work she’s done on the Board. Get well, Mary.


Ted Peck

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