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President's letter for December, 2014

Ted Peck

I attended the AANR Board meeting in Henderson, NV last month. I questioned one of the “old-timers” about meeting there instead of at a club. He explained that a hotel near an easy airport may very well be cheaper for AANR than meeting at a club. I attend these meeting in a strange capacity. Brenda is our region’s club delegate. Linda is our region’s member delegate. I can speak, but not make motions or vote or attend executive sessions. The national pays for Brenda and Linda. The region pays for the regional presidents to attend. This is an expense we may want to study.

At mid-winter meeting and other meetings I will be having us look at our direction, our long range goals. My intention is not to “fix” some problem. The regional organization has been pretty smooth for a number of years now. Behind us, I hope, are the days when the owners of host clubs for convention would not communicate with the convention chair. Behind us, I hope, are days like when a convention voted a person “Man of the Year” just before he was kicked off the grounds. I don’t know if the presidents at those times could have done anything to prevent such occurrences. I do know that under Lucy and Linda we’ve had several pretty smooth years.

So why look at possible changes? First of all, any organization can get better, can get more focused. Second, one of the learnings I’ve gotten from BOARDS THAT MAKE A DIFFERENCE (John Carver) is that the best time to work on improvement is when things are going well, when “putting out brush fires” is not taking the group’s energies. This book, by the way, was recommended for members of the national board, I have found it very useful in applying a non-profit board, things I already knew about mission and goal setting in other settings. Let me know if you would like the book, and I’ll get a copy for you.

Finally, if you are making a report at the mid-winter board meeting, please email me your written report by the end of December, and we’ll distribute it well before the meeting. I’m trusting that we can and will read and that board time will be spent with questions or comments about something we’ve already read rather than listening to a report being read.


Ted Peck

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