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American Association for Nude Recreation 
Southwestern Region 


AANR-SW is one of seven regional affiliates of the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR), the largest nudist organization in North America. 

AANR-SW includes approximately 2,000 nudists in Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas; and over 20 resorts and clubs in Oklahoma and Texas.

Social nudism is a family-oriented activity, weekend recreation for some, a lifestyle for others. It’s not uncommon for two, three, or even four generations of family members to enjoy nude recreation together. 

AANR-SW nudists are an active bunch. Each club sponsors regular events, including such things as nude chili cookoffs, volleyball competitions, theme parties, etc.  Each club celebrates special occasions like Independence Day and Nude Recreation Week.  Of course, some will tell you that every day is special when it's spent au naturel.

AANR-SW sponsors a Nude Racing Series of 5K runs at several resorts around the region.  These races attract serious runners, as well as those who just want an excuse to jog nude through some spectacular terrain.  These races have become very popular; many find running nude to be quite exhilarating!

AANR-SW also values the kids and young adults of the region and encourages them to become active participants in the region

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